Thesis project, 12 weeks, Lund School of Industrial Design, 2012
Zenkitchen is a stove concept that aims at making cooking more intuitive while at the same time providing added functionality that increase safety and convenience.
Maintain overview from a distance so that you know whats going on wherever you are in the kitchen
The Zenkitchen interface provides more distinct visual feedback than what is offered by most stoves today. It also shows an abstract indication of the heat level, making it possible to see the status on the stove from a distance. 
Brings new functionality to simpler and more durable objects
The sensor, together with the display, also lend new possibilities to older kitchen products  such as a traditional kettle. By utilising the kettle function, the heat turns off automatically when the water reaches a boil or whatever temperature you prefer for your green tea.
Brings new functionality to an old kettle
A kettle, vacuum coffee maker and waffle iron was designed to illustrate the vision of a kitchen with simpler and more robust products.
Bachelor Project; School of Industrial Design, Lund University.
Teamwork with: Hanna Bossmark
Mentors; Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Charlotte Sjödell
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