2 weeks, 2017, Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design, Team: Kelvyn Ornette Sol Marte

Mozilla Scribble is the result of a 2 week long exploration for Mozilla where the brief was to come up with concepts that make use of new capabilities in one of their upcoming products. We decided to look at ways to utilise some of the features in the new technology in order to encourage people to be more collaborative and less isolated with their smartphones.

Video Prototyping
The final concept would have been very hard to prototype, so instead a series of video prototypes was made to communicate the vision. The first iterations were simle and very quick stop-motion videos. For the next step we invited some friends for an imaginary game with green screens, and then used that as a basis for a more advanced prototype.
Some of my sketches
Low fidelity stop-motion prototypes and higher fidelity prototypes where interface has been animated and overlaid with Adobe After Effects.
By analysing pixels from the front-facing camera, any movement of the device can be used as input as well as device rotation, enabling the possibility to involve more than one device and create a social experience.
Select a game and invite your friends to join, directly from your browser.
Project done with Kelvyn Ornette Sol Marte, for Industry Project Class at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.