Individual project • 10 weeks
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017
All work displayed is my own
For my 10-week thesis project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design I decided to take a look at our increased dependence on technology and social media in particular.
The result is Hooked, an app that challenges people to re-evaluate the time they spend on digital products that are designed to keep their attention.
Hooked provokes you to reflect by comparing your habits with those of others as well as challenging you to see if your habits with digital products equal your expectations. It also diagnoses your behaviour and provides a set of playful detoxes for a better relationship with addictive technology.
"In the future I think people will grow up a bit.."
The most surprising learnings from the research phase and from talking to people about their digital habits was how much everyone had to say, and how troublesome many found their habits were.
Expert interviews with psychologists, and interviews with experts on addictiont provided insights into the drivers behind behaviours described by participants. At the concept development phase, participants were engaged again in order to define concepts that could make them reflect on and challenge their unwanted habits.

A set of detoxes make it fun to challenge your digital habits.
By using humour and playful visuals, Hooked attempts to make the topic more approachable and to make it easier to start a real-life conversation about ones own habits.
Final Project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design 2017.
Thank you:
Mentor: Shamik Ray (Spotify)
Blair Johnsrude (CIID), Aram Armstrong (IDEO, CIID), Lars Kaltenbach (IDEO), Andreas Refsgaard (CIID), Kirsten Lind, Emma Andersson, Asger Brammer Hansen, Simon Fuchsberger, Robert Kaysen, Ellen Pernille Posselt Lihn
Experts: Benedicte Anemone Holm (cand. psych), Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen (specifii.dk), Peter MacFarlane(cand. psych), Anna Birk (cand.psych), David Madsen (cand. psych, DABECO)

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