Hooked - an app that provokes you to change your relationship with technology

Individual project, 10 weeks, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017

Do you have a good relationship with your phone?

Whether you think you do or not, this app wants to make you re-evaluate the time you spend with it and with technology in general.

It also provides a set of detoxes that makes it playful and challenging to change your habits.
Are you spending too much time reading the news or swiping on dating apps?
Hooked will (if you allow it of course) collect your usage data from your phone and browser. But rather than just compiling into some neat graphs it will take a more active role and diagnose your behaviour. It does so by comparing it to a pre-determined baseline, and compare your time spent with the averages of other users.

Language and visuals that provoke reflection
By using humour and playful visuals, Hooked attempts to make these topics more fun and approachable. It also aims to make it easier to start a real-life conversation about ones own behaviours.
A set of detoxes that make it fun to change unwanted behaviours
Beyond helping you keep track and making you reflect, Hooked also provides you with some detoxes to change your habits. These make use of the same techniques and patterns used by companies to hijack your attention, but with the opposite goal of giving you control of the time you spend.
Detoxes challenging you to create new habits.
Continuous user and expert involvement, and experimentation with research methods
The research for this project consisted of user interviews, expert interviews with psychologists, and interviews with experts on addiction and addiction treatment. These provided insights into the drivers behind our behaviour. Further on in the concept phase, different concept directions were shown to the same users and also tailored to them based on the outcome from the interviews.
Card sorting exercises during interviews
Some of the expert interviews. Left to right: Peter MacFarlane(cand. psych), David Madsen (cand. psych, DABECO), Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen (specifii.dk)
Final Project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design 2017.

Thank you:
Mentor: Shamik Ray (Spotify)
Blair Johnsrude (CIID), Aram Armstrong (IDEO, CIID), Lars Kaltenbach (IDEO), Andreas Refsgaard (CIID), Kirsten Lind, Emma Andersson, Asger Brammer Hansen, Simon Fuchsberger, Robert Kaysen, Ellen Pernille Posselt Lihn

Experts: Benedicte Anemone Holm (cand. psych), Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen (specifii.dk), Peter MacFarlane(cand. psych), Anna Birk (cand.psych), David Madsen (cand. psych, DABECO)