Doodle Battle
2 day project, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2017
Doodle Battle is a board game for up to four players. The rules are simple; the game offers a clue, and the players then have to draw a doodle on a post-it and place it in the middle of the table. If the computer recognizes the doodle as being the correct answer, the player wins the round.
However, just as humans are not perfect, neither are computers. The machine learning algorithm sometimes doesn’t recognize the doodle, or even in rare cases recognize the wrong doodle for being the correct answer. This adds another dimension to the game as the players are not only battling each other, but also battling the computer. It also makes it interesting in terms of learning about the capabilities of interacting with machine learning.
The working prototype consist of a semi-transparent table, a web camera and a projector.
If you draw a doodle faster than your friends, and get approved by the computers machine learning software, you score a point!
Course: Machine Learning, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
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