Dankort App
UX/UI Design for Dankort, 2018, All work displayed is my own

This project is the result of a 4-day design sprint and another 2 weeks of further refinement of the sprint proposal. The sprint was run by myself and a colleague, all the designs and refinement was made by myself.

A more focused design
The result of the redesign was based on a qualitative user study and analytics data from the app itself. The result is an app that is much more focused, with less layers, and all the important features visible and available from the start screen. An appreciated feature that is unique for the app, and not available from competing services such as Apple Pay, the "receipts feature", was redesigned and placed directly in the bottom of the start screen, and receipts pop up when the user make a purchase, so that they can be reviewed right away.

Ultimately the response from users and stake-holders in the organisation led to the project being put on hold due to competition from the native payment features from Google and Apple.
Dankort App before the redesign project
Prototype testing the main functionality, using native mobile interactions with Origami Studio.
Quick UI experiments exploring different ideas from the project